PlusOne Asia SG51 Promotions (July 11, 2016)


PlusOne Asia SG51 Promotions

Feeling the National Day vibes? Yes we are celebrating it early starting from July’16! Great discounts of up to 51% when you purchase our products at the following locations: SASA Singapore, BHG, John Little & Tokyu Hands Singapore. Get your favourite beauty skincare and makeup products now!

Brands on promotion: 

  • Lucky Trendy Hair & Nails
  • Naris Skincare & Makeup 
  • Brigitte 
  • Magie Lab
  • Oilim
  • Lits Wistea
  • Decorative
  • Sho-Bi Kassa
  • Dasoda
  • 1 Day Charge
  • Palgantong

*Discount varies for brands mentioned

*Promotion valid from now till August 2016

Check out your nearest outlets today!